How long does a rewards program take to set up?

In most cases your reward program will be ready to launch in 6-8 weeks from final order approval.

Is a rewards program an expensive undertaking?

We have solutions that fit your budget. For turnkey program rates please contact your sales rep.

Can we have specific items unique to us in the program?

We can tailor a program to fit your unique requests. Our programs offer over 1000 popular retail products and 200 plus retail brands.

What sort of rewards do you offer in your program?

TV’s, Blu Ray players, Home Theatres Systems, Snowboards, Kitchen Appliances, Sunglasses, Clothing, Outdoor and Indoor Furniture. Viper Reward sites are updated daily. For a tour of a Viper Rewards site please contact your sales rep.

How do you earn points towards rewards?

Points can be achieved through meeting sales targets, new business acquisitions, etc. Points are earned by achieving the set forth corporate goals and targets. Goals and targets are chosen by you to deliver ROI and increase productivity. Productivity could be increased sales, education, safety rewards, community involvement/awareness and team building

How do you check your reward point balance?

Reward points balances are updated daily on each members pages.

When can I redeem my points?

Right now. Our product catalogue is always up to date.


Contact Your Sales Representative or Call 1-888-ON-VIPER